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Bronchial surface mucosa

The bronchial surface mucosa belongs to the territory area, see ectoderm. The location of impact in this area of the brain depends on the gender, biological handedness and hormone status of the person.
More explanation and information in the online workshop Bio-logical Behavior and Character.

Also see larynx, lung alveoli and goblet cells.

Sensitivity follows the outer skin pattern.


Territorial fear or scare-fright.
Fright, fearful moment, moment of insecurity.

CA phase

Functional increase, decrease in surface mucosa of the bronchi.

Biological utility

Thinner surface mucosa to widen the bronchi, so more air can flow to the lungs.



PCL phase

Functional normalization  Rebuilding of the surface mucosa.


Bronchitis. Pain, fever, shortness of breath, coughing up (bloody) mucus, swelling, redness.
With the syndrome: strong swelling and breathing problems: pneumonia.


Coughing attack due to the program of the bronchial muscles, absence.
In the presence of a 2nd active conflict in the female territory: asthma attack. More information during the workshop Bio-logical Behavior and Character.

Constellation with laryngeal mucosa (territorial fear + scare-fright): flying constellation, flying away from reality, which is too frightening. Paranormal qualities.

Constellation with rectal mucosa (identity + territorial fear): mythomania, proving ones identity by talking. Hiding one's own insecurity by great verbal ability.

This topic is discussed in detail during the workshop Bio-logical Behavior and Character.