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Smooth muscles of the blood vessels
Both arteries and veins are enveloped by smooth muscle tissue. This layer of muscle is thicker in arteries than in veins and provides blood transport.
See also coronary arteries and coronary veins.
• Increase blood transport
• Need to strengthen blood vessels, both arteries and veins.
CA phase
Increase in function, increase in muscle cells.
This process occurs in conjunction with the reduction of cells in the inner lining of the veins and arteries.
Biological utility
Better blood flow and the vein wall remains intact despite thinning of the inner lining.
None. With prolonged conflict activity: aneurysm, possibly internal bleeding.
PCL phase
Athero- or arteriosclerosis. Reconstruction of the inner lining, the thickening of the muscles in the vein wall remains.
Painful, "cramping" veins. "Vein Colic."
In case of Hanging healing or many relapses: varicose veins.