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How the Mind Controles the Body 

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Hair loss
See also epidermis and gray hair.
Sensitivity follows the outer skin scheme.
Whether it involves the left or right side of the head depends on biological handedness.
Missing caresses, missing caresses, missing the "stroke on the head."
Or not being able to caress someone else, such as a grandchild or a pet.
CA phase
Continued hair loss on (part of) the head, numbness (reduction in sensitivity of the scalp) and temporary short-term memory loss.
Biological utility
The numbness and amnesia cause the person being missed to be forgotten for the time being. One can therefore move on with life.
In animals, this also provides the solution.
Bald spots or a completely bald head, dry, poorly perfused skin, formation of flakes.
PCL phase
Hair loss stops and hair grows back.
Swelling, redness, pain, itching of bald spot, no new flake buildup. Exacerbation in syndrome.