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How the Mind Controles the Body 

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Dr. Hamer says in his scientific table: orgasm basically follows the natural biological process despite not being a "conflict."
The orgasm, as well as the program of conception, pregnancy and birth, does not arise from a negative emotion, i.e., fear, but from a positive emotion, i.e., Love. Ideas from Love strive for manifestation just as much as ideas from fear. Thoughts, ideas, intentions, feelings, are creative, they are literally creative energies. Human thoughts are creative. We are creative beings and will have to experience what we create, that is, what we think and how we think. That is, this becomes visible, noticeable, tangible, audible in matter.
What Dr. Hamer calls the individual biological association is nothing more than the idea, the perception, the feelings, the intentions of the person at a certain event and these are therefore going to manifest.
My site Living in Trust elaborates on this bigger picture: the Hammer's Compass as the Process of Creation.
The orgasm
So every human idea, feeling, thought, urge, intention strives for manifestation in matter, where it will be lived through as human experience. In the process of orgasm, this begins with the meeting of two people who fall in love with each other. Certainly "Love at first sight" is a very clear slant!
Then follows the Ca phase, in the Creation process I call this the creative phase. One circles around each other and longs for manifestation in matter.
This ultimately happens at penetration: the solution.
During intercourse, one works toward the climax of manifestation, the orgasm, the EC or the "expulsion of the fluid." This is the pinnacle of the physical manifestation of infatuation.
Pleasure versus malaise
Because the idea, infatuation, arises from love, its physical manifestation will give pleasure. Because that the idea, or biological association, in conflict comes from fear, its physical manifestation will cause malaise.
However, both processes are exactly the same: in the Ca phase, the (positive) idea or (negative) biological association is worked out in the mind, and when these mental "preparations" are complete, the time is ripe for the physical manifestation.
The peculiarity of perceptions from fear is that nature waits to manifest physically until the conflict is at least partially resolved.
Every biological conflict has a potentially lethal content, otherwise it would not express itself physically. After all, if it is not deadly, a survival mechanism is nonsense. The event or situation may hurt, one may grieve very much, but somewhere unconsciously, very deep inside, one knows that one will survive and no biological process arises.
Whether a situation is experienced as life-threatening and thus becomes a biological conflict or not happens completely unconsciously. The manifestation of the fears, that is, the illness, serves to make the person aware that he has experienced this particular event as life-threatening. After all, he himself has created a biological process!
So the PCL stage is the awareness stage, the path to self-understanding and self-knowledge.
When one has realized that fear is unnecessary, the disease will not recur and there is definitive "healing." The release of fears must take place in all layers, including the deepest unconscious regions. For example, if one realizes through regression therapy what the original event was, it does not mean that the fears are resolved! It does indeed give understanding and sometimes it provides the solution immediately, but that is certainly not true in all cases. Finding out the impact is one thing, resolving the fears, including becoming aware of all the traces, is quite another.
Although in principle one can do this on one's own, help from someone else is often indispensable, see also self-help.