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Also see gastric mucosa, esophagus lower 1/3.


Not being able to digest a (food) chunk, something is heavy on the stomach. Often it involves an annoyance with family members, for example, an inheritance, a joint investment. One cannot quite digest the portion that is due to him because of a pension he is not getting in full or because of a pending lawsuit regarding the division of an inheritance.

CA phase

Increase in function. Cell increase of the secretory type in the stomach (see also endoderm).

Biological purpose

To better digest the food morsels.


None, sometimes mild nausea. With prolonged or intense conflict, a thickened stomach wall.

PCL phase

Normalization of function. Decomposition of the extra cells by fungi or TB bacteria, if present.


In severe programs: extreme fatigue, smelly night sweats, mild bleeding, pain. Possibly black stools due to stomach bleeding.


Severe pain, giving up blood, chills, vomiting: reversal of peristalsis of intestinal muscles.

Hanging healing: stomach problems


An encapsulated tumor can be present for years without causing any trouble, provided there is enough room for food to go through and it can pass through the gastric ports unhindered.