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Smooth muscles of the uterus
Conception, pregnancy and birth proceed according to the Hamers Compass, which is also the mechanism of creation:
• Conception is the event through which the process begins: the "weft."
• The first 3 months are the CA or creative phase: all the tissues and organs of the new life are being constructed.
• Months 4 to 9: the baby grows, the pregnancy manifests, it becomes visible: the PCL phase or manifestation phase.
• EC: birth, the pinnacle of manifestation: the baby shows itself to the outside world.
• First 6 weeks after birth: PCL-B, the uterus recovers.
See also endometrium, fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix.
Not being able to give birth, not being able/willing to get pregnant, unfulfilled childbearing/not wanting children, not being able/willing to hold fruit.
CA phase
Increase in function. Increase in muscle cells in the uterine body. This happens in every pregnancy.
In conflict: increase in a portion of muscle cells. Myoma, fibroid.
Biological utility
• First 3 months of pregnancy and in case of conflict: hold the fetus.
• Birth: stronger muscles for childbirth.
None. With intense or prolonged conflict swelling in the lower abdomen.
PCL phase
Normalization of muscle tone. The muscles are not reduced; the uterus remains stronger.
In case of conflict: the fibroid remains and usually does not interfere.
Usually none, sometimes unusually strong bleeding.
Large fibroids that suffer: surgical removal.
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