Living in Confidence

How the Mind Controles the Body 

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Self-esteem violations (EWI) and breakups often go hand-in-hand. Although one is not in immediate mortal danger with an EWI, any problem that manifests itself physically or mentally is related to a fear of survival. In an EWI, there is a fear that one will not be accepted by the group if one is not good enough. This is a separation issue and if one is "rejected," a life-threatening situation does arise, see ectoderm. Thus, because of the EWI, separation conflict lurks and one wants to avoid that.
See also joints.
Whether it involves the left or right side of the body depends on biological dexterity.
Severe self-esteem breakdown. This is very often accompanied by a painful, ugly separation, see periosteum (a firm network of nerves).
The exact conflict content depends on the location on the body, see skeleton at new mesoderm below.
CA phase
Degradation of cells in the bones and bone marrow. The bone marrow provides the production of blood cells.
Mostly unnoticed, possibly a little less energy.
Examination reveals holes in the boats: osteolysis (= dissolving) of the bones. With cancer in a nearby organ, this can be interpreted as an osteosarcoma, a metastasis to the bones.
In long-term conflict: osteoporosis and fatigue due to anemia (anemia, decreased red blood cells), thrombopenia (decreased platelets) and leukopenia (decreased white blood cells).
The risk of spontaneous bone fractures is low because the periosteum wraps tightly around the bones and acts as a "splint."
Interesting fact: in Asia, old-age osteoporosis is very rare. Old people are held in very high esteem there; they are the sages of society.
PCL phase
Rebuild the bones and bone marrow.
Bone cyst, bone cancer (osteosarcoma) and leukemia (the two always go together), Kahler's disease. When it occurs in the bones of a joint: arthritis.
Fatigue, severe pains due to stretching of the periosteum by the healing fluid. Rapid bruising due to lack of platelets.
The pains cause a lot of anxiety, which causes the syndrome. The drainage of the healing fluid in the bones decreases or stops, the periosteum is stretched even more, the pains increase and the anxiety becomes even greater. The vicious circle or hanging healing is a fact.
More fluid also enters the bloodstream as a result of healing. Consequently, the number of blood cells per cubic centimeter decreases, which seems to worsen the anemia: pseudo-anemia.
The four stages of leukemia are discussed in the workshop "Living in Trust - Trust Your Body" and the theme day "Bio-Logical and Spiritual Meaning of Your Bones, Sinews, Muscles and Joints," see the calendar both my live and online activities.
Biological utility
The biological benefit is at the end of the PCL-B: stronger bones and improved blood cell production due to more bone marrow.
Because of the nerve pains in the CA phase of the gross separations (program of the periosteum itself) and the pains due to the stretching of the periosteum in the recovery phase of the program in the bones, the combination of these programs resembles one process with incessant pains. Understanding and insight into this and proper guidance and care are necessary for their successful completion.
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