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How the Mind Controles the Body 

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In this case, the biological handedness is not about the left or right eye but about the left or right half of the retina in both eyes. Looking is crossed, so the left half of the retina looks to the right and the right half looks to the left. The right-handed woman looks to the left at her mother or child. The right half of the retina in both eyes is affected if it is one of them and if it is a 3rd person, then the left half of the retina in both eyes will be affected.
See also: eyelid, cornea, lens, vitreous body.
Fear-from-behind of something. An invisible danger, it threatens "from behind" and cannot be shaken off or avoided.
CA phase
Reduction of visual field, no cellular breakdown. Clouding of one or both half(s) of the retina.
Vision loss in a specific part of the retina, may be different in both eyes.
Biological utility
In a prey animal, the eyes are on the side of the head, so half of each eye can see backwards. The danger it cannot avoid anyway is rendered invisible.
Pendant active conflict in central part of the retina (macula): macular degeneration
PCL phase
Detachment of the retina due to the healing fluid between the retina and the skirt of the eye (sclera).
Sudden deterioration of vision, especially if it involves the yellow spot or macula (sudden blindness). The syndrome worsens.
Hanging healing or many relapses: nearsightedness or farsightedness due to stretching or shortening of the eyeball. By precipitation of minerals from the healing fluid hardening (calcification) of the eyeball.