Living in Confidence

How the Mind Controles the Body 

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Tooth body, jawbone
Self-devaluation conflicts (SDC) and breakups often go hand-in-hand. Although one is not in immediate mortal danger with an SDC, any problem that manifests itself physically or mentally is related to a fear of survival. In an SDC, there is a fear that one will not be accepted by the group if one is not good enough. This is a separation issue and if one is "rejected," a life-threatening situation does arise, see ectoderm. Thus, because of the SDC, separation conflict lurks and one wants to avoid that.
See also bones.
Whether it involves the left or right side of the body depends on biological dexterity.
Biting conflict. Unable or afraid to bite (incisors), hold (canines) or grind (molars) because one is weaker than the opponent (not allowed to bite, see tooth enamel).
Also: I have many cavities, my teeth are not good!
CA phase
Degradation of cells in tooth body and/or underlying jawbone. Cavities are visible only on an X-ray.
Paradontosis: receding gums due to erosion of the underlying jawbone (tooth bed). Long teeth to enable better biting. With prolonged conflict activity: tooth may be loose and/or fall out.
PCL phase
Reconstruction of the teeth, molars and/or jawbone.
(Severe) pain, especially with a deep hole reaching to the marrow of the teeth, swelling, jaw swelling. Especially severe with syndrome.
Paradontitis: reconstruction of the tooth bed, pain. Teeth may be temporarily loose due to healing swelling. After EC (expelling fluid) they reattach.
Dental plaque: the sweet, chalky fluid (callus) that provides tooth repair can flow freely through the mouth and sit on the teeth.
Tartar: hardened callus.
Biological utility
The biological benefit lies at the end of the PCL-B: stronger teeth, stronger dental bed.
Nail biting: bite conflict constellation. Children with one bite conflict bite into something else.