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How the Mind Controles the Body 

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A teratoma is a germ cell tumor. It is a special type of tumor in which, in addition to endodermal tissue, one often finds tissues from the other germ cells, such as skin, hair and nerve cells. It arises from the yellow body in both the testis and ovary and is an attempt to duplicate the organism (clone), as you find in simple life forms such as bacteria.
Severe loss conflict, e.g., of a child, best friend, loved one, pet. Similar to the mesodermal processes of the ovaries and testes but deeper.
CA phase
Increase in function. Increase in germ cell production.
1. Oocytes: are already predisposed, accelerated maturation.
2. Seed cells: are produced throughout life, increased production.
Biological utility
Reproduction by duplication to ensure the survival of the species.
Depending on where the teratoma is located.
PCL phase
A teratoma stops growing only slowly, because embryonic tissues have tremendous growth momentum. Decomposition of the teratoma by TB bacteria is possible, but exceptional.
Fatigue and/or night sweats when broken down by TB bacteria.
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