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The spleen is a special type of lymph node included in the blood circulation. Its functions include storing platelets.
The term "self-esteem infractions (SDC)" is far fetched for an organ and is also incorrect here: the biological utility of this program lies both in the CA phase and at the end of PCL-B.
Slight self-esteem infringement in relation to blood. For example:
• Real: having a large bleeding wound, seeing an accident with many injured people and a lot of blood.
• Associative: blood transfusion, diagnosis of blood cancer (leukemia).
CA phase
Cell breakdown in the spleen and the formation of cavities. Platelets are taken out of the circulation and stored in the resulting cavities, except in the area of the wound. There, on the contrary, there is an increased number of platelets.
Biological utility
Stopping bleeding as soon as possible and avoiding blood clots (embolism) in the bloodstream.
PCL phase
Rebuilding of cells in the spleen
Spleen inflammation, spleen enlargement due to healing swelling.
In cases of very severe conflict and a greatly enlarged spleen that is greatly affected, surgical removal is recommended. Its function is then taken over by a nearby lymph node.
Biological utility
The biological benefit at the end of the PCL-B: larger spleen, increased function to better cope with another injury.
Spleen cyst: many relapses or condition after PCL-B.
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