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How the Mind Controles the Body 


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The Iris controls pupil size and consists of smooth muscle tissue controlled by the midbrain. There are different muscle bundles: pupil openers and pupil closers
See also eyelid, cornea, lens, retina, vitreous body
• Light chunk, too much or too little light to perceive something properly.
• Being blinded and therefore not having seen the wanted (left) or the danger (right).
• It was too dark to clearly see the wanted (left) or the danger (right), literally or metaphorically.
Difference between left and right see annular animal.
CA phase
Function enhancement. Adjusting brightness to see better.
Biological utility and results
• Strengthening of smooth muscle to better regulate pupil size. This allows more or less light to enter.
• With longer running theme of insufficient light: enlargement of pupil to see better in the dark. Hypersensitive to light, sunglass wearers.
• With longer running theme of too much light: pupil reduction, night blindness.
Further symptoms
PCL phase
Normalization of pupil size.
None, possibly distorted iris when the theme runs into a portion of smooth muscle tissue (Coloboma).
"Cramping" iris, fluctuating pupil size.