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How the Mind Controles the Body 

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Rectal mucosa
The rectal mucosa belongs to the territory area, see also ectoderm. The place of impact in this area of the brain depends on the person's gender, biological handedness and hormone status.
More explanation and information on this in the lecture "The Biology of the Psyche" and the four-day workshop "Bio-logic of Behavior and Character, see the agenda.
See also sphincters, rectum, smooth bowel muscles.
Sensitivity follows the outer skin scheme.
Territory anxiety and identity conflict.
• Anger, seeing someone as a threat or regarding a threatening situation.
• Not knowing where or with whom you belong, not being able or daring to make a decision.
CA phase
Increase in function. Decrease in the lining of the rectum.
Biological utility
Larger diameter of rectum, better bowel movements to mark territory.
Pants pooping during intense conflict. Occurs in children in whose family something fundamentally changes. For example, father is rejected and ends up sitting at home.
PCL phase:
Normalization of function. Rebuilding of the rectal mucosa.
Painful, swollen hemorrhoids (superficial), see also rectum.
In the PCL-B often an itchy feeling.
Bleeding hemorrhoid, pain disappears, absence.
Constellation with the gastric mucosa or hepatic and pancreatic passages (identity + territory marker): aggression. The territory must be defended!
Constellation with bronchial mucosa (identity + territorial anxiety): mythomania. Proving identity by talking. Hiding one's own insecurity by great verbal ability.
See also Bio-Logic of Behavior and Character.