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How the Mind Controles the Body 

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Renal pelvis, bladder and urinary tracts
The renal pelvis, bladder and urinary tract all belong to the territory area, see also ectoderm. The place of impact in this area of the brain depends on the person's gender, biological handedness and hormone status.
More explanation and information on this in the lecture "The Biology of the Psyche" and the four-day workshop "Bio-logic of Behavior and Character, see the agenda.
See also: bladder triangle, bladder muscles, renal collecting ducts, renal parenchyma.
Sensitivity follows the outer skin scheme.
Marking of outer territory (male) and marking of inner territory (female, similar to identity conflict).
Not being able to set boundaries, letting others overstep the boundaries, not knowing where the boundaries are, seeking out and testing the limits. Also: not knowing how to take a stand.
CA phase
Increase in function. Decrease in lining of the urinary pelvis, bladder and urinary tract.
Biological utility
Larger diameter, more urine or run the urine faster to better mark the boundaries.
Pants-wetting in intense conflict. Occurs in (young) children after a move or the birth of a sibling.
PCL phase
Normalization of function. Rebuilding of the mucous membranes of renal pelvis, bladder and urinary tract.
Renal pelvis, bladder and/or urinary tract infection. Pain, blood in urine.
Bladder + urethra: urge to urinate often, burning sensation, occasional urine leakage.
Urinary tube: in syndrome, the extra large healing swelling may hinder the flow of urine. Possible labored urination or urinary retention (inability to urinate, see also prostate). Full bladder with painful urge: insert catheter.
Cramps, strength pains, (a lot of) blood in urine, possibly chills, absence.
Renal pelvis and ureter: when kidney stones are present, they are pushed through the ureters to the bladder.
Bladder + urethra: bladder colic when muscles are involved.
Hanging healing: renal prolapse.
Constellation left and right sides (two x territory markers): incontinence. Desperately trying to indicate boundaries.
See also Bio-Logic of Behavior and Character.
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