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Middle Ear
See also tube of Eustachian tube, inner ear
• Not getting certain information or being afraid of not getting it (right).
• Hearing something you don't want to hear (left).
Difference between left and right see annular animal.
CA phase
Increase in cells in the middle ear.
Biological utility
• Enhanced hearing.
• Be able to absorb information better.
• Having been told information you didn't want to hear.
With prolonged CA phase: further filling of the middle ear, which may be visible with excessive growth.
None. With intense conflict possibly hypersensitivity to sounds.
PCL phase
Normalization of function. Degradation of cells by fungi or TB bacteria, if present.
Middle ear infection, otitis media. Possible fatigue and/or night sweats, fever, pain due to pressure from the healing swelling in the closed space of the middle ear. Much more pain with syndrome. Possible perforation of the eardrum, runny ear, pain disappears.
Chills, due to the pressure of the healing swelling severe pain, in case of perforation of the eardrum: runny ear, pain disappears.
Hanging healing or many relapses: possible otosclerosis (growing together of the bones in the middle ear due to tissue breakdown, see also endoderm). Reduction in hearing.