Living in Confidence

How the Mind Controles the Body 

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See also pancreas, colon, gallbladder and liver passages.
Fear of "starving," special form of existence conflict, starvation conflict.
Today, real conflicts still occur in famine areas in Africa, for example. With us, they are mostly metaphorical due, for example, to bankruptcy, crisis, etc. People are afraid of not being able to put enough food on the table.
CA phase
Function increase, cell increase in the liver, liver cancer.
Biological utility
Feed chunks digest better:
1. Cells of secretory quality (see also endoderm): better digestion of the chunk.
2. Cells of the resorptive quality: better able to absorb the chunk.
PCL phase
Normalization of function. Degradation of extra cells by fungi or TB bacteria, if present.
Extreme fatigue, smelly night sweats, fever.
Strong pain, chills, possible black stools due to bleeding.
The process in the liver often merges with processes in the pancreas and colon: "overlapping conflict."