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How the Mind Controles the Body 

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Bladder triangle and deep bladder mucosa
See also renal pelvis, bladder and urinary tract, bladder muscles.
Smearing. Nasty, vicious conflict, often related to territory marking, but deeper, concerning survival.
CA phase
Function increase, cell increase in the bladder triangle.
Biological utility
Better digest and/or absorb nutritional chunks:
1. Cells of the secretory quality, polyp (see also endoderm): digestion of small protein particles in the bladder, analogous to the process of the kidney collecting tubules in the CA phase: ensure protein supply.
2. Cells of resorptive quality: archaic process.
PCL phase
Normalization of function. Degradation of extra cells by TB bacteria, if present.
Ulcerous cystitis. Pus and blood in urine, pain, fatigue, night sweats.
Chills, strength pains, blood in urine.