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How the Mind Controles the Body 

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Eye, vitreous body
In this case, the biological handedness is not about the left or right eye but about the left or right half of the lens body in both eyes. Looking is crossed, so the left half of the eye looks to the right and the right half looks to the left. The right-handed woman looks to the left at her mother or child. The right half of the glass body of both eyes is affected if it is one of them and if it is a 3rd person, then the left half of the glass body in both eyes will be affected.
See also: eyelid, cornea, lens, retina.
Fear-from-behind of person or animal. A person or animal is chasing you and needs to be shaken off.
CA phase
Cellular breakdown of the vitreous body and sudden clouding of one or both half(s) of the vitreous body.
Glaucoma, vision loss in a specific part of the vitreous body.
Biological utility
The danger is made invisible, having blinders on.
In a prey animal, the eyes are on the side of the head and half of each eye can therefore see backwards. The clouding of half of the eye prevents the animal from seeing the pursuer and it can therefore concentrate fully on the escape route.
In humans, it usually involves the nasal side of one or both vitreous bodies since the side of the eyes must remain clear to see the escape route.
PCL phase
Reconstruction of the vitreous body.
• Increase in eye pressure due to healing fluid, which often pushes through the opening of the optic nerve. Beware syndrome: acute glaucoma.
• Turbidity in the vitreous: seeing strings, clouds, threads, spiders, etc. due to collagen formation (certain type of protein) in the vitreous body.
With multiple relapses: seeing flashes of light due to the precipitation of minerals from the healing fluid.