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How the Mind Controles the Body 

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Cervical mucosa
The cervical mucosa belongs to the territory area, see also ectoderm. The place of impact in this area of the brain depends on the person's gender, biological handedness and hormone status.
More explanation and information on this in the lecture The Biology of the Psyche and the four-day workshop Bio-logic of Behavior and Character, see the agenda.
See also vaginal mucosa, general process of the ectoderm, cervical muscles, ovary, endometrium and smooth muscles of the uterus.
Sensitivity follows the outer skin scheme.
Sexual frustration, not being able or allowed to have sex, not being able or allowed to mate.
Partner cheating, being rejected or passed over, not being able to "get laid," rejection from father or mother in e.g. teenage girls. Also being taken against one's will, rape, sexual abuse.
This often accompanies the program of the coronary veins and the vaginal mucosa. The same cells as in the coronary veins are also found in the mucous membrane of the cervix and vagina.
CA phase
Increase in function, decrease in the mucous membrane of the cervix.
Biological utility
Dilation of the cervix to facilitate penetration.
None. PAP value of the smear is elevated.
PCL phase
Normalization of function. Reconstruction of the lining of the cervix.
Cervical inflammation, cervical cancer. Pain, bleeding outside the menstrual period, heavy and/or long bleeding during menstruation. Increased PAP level. Especially in the PCL-B may itch (itching is healing).
Strong bleeding, possibly pain or discomfort, absence.
Hanging healing: thickened mucous membrane of the cervix.
Learn more about this program in the comprehensive article on the uterus.