Living in Confidence

How the Mind Controles the Body 

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Self-devaluation conflicts (SDC) and breakups often go hand-in-hand. Although one is not in immediate mortal danger with an SDC, any problem that manifests itself physically or mentally is related to a fear of survival. In an SDC, there is a fear that one will not be accepted by the group if one is not good enough. This is a separation issue and if one is "rejected," a life-threatening situation does arise, see ectoderm. Thus, because of the SDC, separation conflict lurks and one wants to avoid that.
See also arteries, lymph nodes and lymph vessels.
Whether it involves the left or right side of the body depends on biological dexterity.
Slight self-esteem infringement, impediment. For example, the ankles: block to the leg.
The exact conflict content depends on the location on the body, see skeleton at new mesoderm below.
CA phase
Cellular remodeling in the inner lining of the veins.
None. With prolonged hanging conflict: aneurysm.
PCL phase
Repair of the wall by cholesterol.
Multiple leg syndrome, intermittent claudication. Inflamed, red, painful, swollen veins.
Veins in the legs: phlebitis.
Cramping veins through co-programmed smooth muscles. Stabbing pains, chills. This is often thought of as thrombophlebitis, but no cholesterol plaque is present. That forms only with pending healing or after many relapses.
The biological benefit lies at the end of the PCL-B: strengthening the inner wall of the veins.
Many relapses: atherosclerosis. Narrowing of the diameter of the vein due to increasingly thick cholesterol accumulation.
With syndrome: thrombosis, clogging of the vein.
Varicose veins, varices: deformation and thickening of the veins, valves are also involved.
Embolism: dislodged cholesterol plaque or thrombus (blood clot). The latter occurs due to slowed circulation in long-term bedridden patients. If these get stuck somewhere, cramps can also occur: thrombophlebitis.
This program proceeds in conjunction with the program of smooth muscles around the veins. These are strengthened in the Ca phase to prevent perforation of the vein wall.