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How the Mind Controles the Body 

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Sensory nerve fibers, olfactory nerves
At the end of the endodermal part of the olfactory nerve, the olfactory nerve, are the fila olfactoria.
See also: deep nasal and pharyngeal mucosa, nasal mucosa.
Whether it is the fila olfactoria on the left or right side of the nose depends on biological dexterity.
• Stink conflict, not wanting to smell something, I can't stand this smell.
• "Atmosphere conflict": I don't like the atmosphere here. The atmosphere is "judged" with the nose.
The theme of the endodermal part is chunk conflict: not having been able to smell the food chunk. In the CA phase, there will be an increase in function to better smell the chunk, and in the recovery phase, the cells will wind down again, accompanied by the typical symptoms of the endoderm.
Here again we see the kinship between the themes of ectoderm and endoderm, which often complement or support each other in the same organ, see also ectoderm.
CA phase
Loss of function, no cellular degradation.
Not being able to smell certain odors anymore.
Biological utility
Not smelling the unbearable air.
PCL phase
Function restored, the sense of smell slowly returns.
Sudden decline in sense of smell. Not a cold, which is part of the nasal mucosa.
At the end of the program, (most of) the sense of smell returns.
In a constellation of both olfactory centers in the brain: odor confusion or paranoia regarding odors.