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Adrenal cortex
Among other things, the adrenal cortex produces the stress hormones cortisol and aldosterol. The term "self-esteem intrusions (SDC)" is far fetched for an organ and is also incorrect here:
the biological utility of this process lies both in the CA phase and at the end of PCL-B.
See also adrenal medulla.
Whether it is the adrenal cortex of the left or right kidney depends on biological dexterity.
To have taken the wrong path, to have bet on the wrong horse, to have gone in the wrong direction.
CA phase
Cellular breakdown in the adrenal cortex.
Biological utility
Being inhibited from continuing on the wrong path.
"Stressed" fatigue, adrenal exhaustion.
With prolonged conflict or many relapses: Addison's disease.
PCL phase
Rebuilding of cells in the adrenal cortex.
Swelling of the adrenal cortex (sometimes fist-sized cysts) and a rush of energy due to overproduction of cortisol and aldosterol to get the right way.
Biological utility
The biological benefit at the end of the PCL-B: enlarged adrenal cortex, increased hormone production to stay on track. Adrenal cortex cyst.
So an adrenal cortex cyst can occur in the PCL but it can also be the end stage.
With pendant healing or many relapses + syndrome: syndrome of Cushing's.
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