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How the Mind Controles the Body 

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Myelin sheath
Nerves are enclosed by a protective layer of connective tissue: the nerve sheath or myelin sheath. Connective tissue is normally controlled by the new mesoderm and has cell breakdown in the Ca phase. In myelin sheaths, however, cells are built up in the Ca phase.
Because it involves the nerves, it also has a relationship with the periosteum, the network of nerves around the bones. Evolutionarily, this process is part of the old part of the ectoderm and has the theme of feeling contact (see pain diagrams). It seems that from the formation of the old mesoderm, an excruciatingly painful blow could be compensated by the (partial) occlusion of the nerve by the myelin sheaths.
Whether it involves the left or right side of the body depends on biological dexterity.
Not wanting to feel the contact, not wanting to feel the blow, not wanting to be touched.
CA phase
Increase of cells in the myelin sheath, proliferation of the nerve sheath, thickening of the myelin sheath in the affected body part.
Biological utility
Blocking the pain, not feeling it or feeling it much less strongly.
Because of the improved isolation, information from the unwanted pain is less well or not transmitted to the brain.
Neurofibroma, neurofibromatosis, Recklinghausen's disease.
PCL phase
Normalization of function. Degradation of cells by TB bacteria, if present.
• Without TB: neurofibromas are permanent, one is not affected in terms of normal functioning.
• With TB activity: abscess formation.