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Pharyngeal ducts
Gill arches are the remnants of the ancient gills necessary for life in water. During the embryological development of any mammal, there is the so-called "fish stage," in which the gill arches can be clearly seen. Study of the CT scan revealed that Non-Hodgkin syndrome does not take place in the lymph nodes but in the passages of these old gill arches.
Location of impaction, i.e. on which side symptoms occur in the healing phase, depends on gender, biological handedness and hormone status. This is similar to the way strikes occur in the territory, see also ectoderm.
Learn more about this in the workshops "Living in Trust -Trust Your Body", "Bio-logic of Behavior and Character" or one of the practice days, see the agenda.
See also the general process of the ectoderm, thyroid drainage passages and lymph nodes.
Sensitivity follows the oral mucosa diagram.
Frontal anxiety. The person sees something coming at him, does everything to avoid it, but it is impossible to avoid it.
For example, bankruptcy, a partner's fatal illness.
CA phase
Increase in function. Decrease in the mucous membrane of the gill arches.
Biological utility
Thinner mucous membranes so more water can flow through and thus more oxygen can be absorbed by the gills. Old, archaic process, has lost its usefulness.
Sensitive, mild pain.
PCL phase
Normalization of function. Reconstruction of the mucous membranes of the gill arches.
Non Hodgkin lymphoma. Swelling on the side of the neck, not painful, much larger with syndrome, may then be sensitive.


Sensitivity, pain.
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