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The abdominal net or omentum is part of the peritoneum and has a special function, see biological handedness.
Whether it is the left or right side of the abdominal net depends on biological handedness.
Ugly, mean abdominal conflict, for example, a tumor in the abdomen.
CA phase
Increase of cells in the omentum. The cell increase may be planar growth of the resorptive type or compact growth of the secretory type (see endoderm).
Biological utility
• Flat growing, resorptive type: folding around an inflamed organ and encapsulating it. For example, in appendicitis.
• Compact growing, secretory type: secreting a lubricant to allow organs to move smoothly in the abdominal cavity.
PCL phase
Normalization of function. Degradation of cells by TB bacteria, if present.  This is often accompanied by fusion.
The encapsulated old inflammatory foci are called "cold abscesses."