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Deep oral mucosa
See also: mouth and throat mucosa, salivary glands, tonsils, salivary gland drainage ducts
The deep mucosa of the mouth and palate share similar themes and are treated here together.
• Unable to get hold of a (food) chunk, unable to swallow. Wanting something but can't or shouldn't (right side).  For example, someone receives notification that he has won the lottery but the ticket is in the wrong name.
• Not being able to spit out a (vomit) lump, i.e. getting something you don't want, you want to spit it out, vomit it out (left side). For example, your daughter is getting married to someone you don't trust.
Difference between left and right see annular animal.
CA phase
Increase in function. Cell growth of the deep oral mucosa.
Biological utility
• Feed chunk better to salivate to swallow. Result: chunk slides in more easily.
• Chunk better able to salivate to spit out. Result: chunk slips out more easily.
None, with intense conflict overproduction of saliva.
PCL phase
Normalization of function. Degradation of extra cells by fungi or TB bacteria, if present.
Fatigue and/or night sweats, pain, smelly breath and foul taste in the mouth, possibly white or yellow rashes: thrush, leukoplakia, candidosis.