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The ovary is the repository of eggs and it produces estrogens, among other things. It is the female counterpart of the testicle.
See also endometrium, fallopian tubes, cervical muscles and cervical mucosa.
Whether it is the left or right ovary depends on biological dexterity.
Tough loss due to a death or someone leaving.
CA phase
Cell shedding, holes in the ovary, decrease in eustrogen production.
Usually undetected. Possible irregular menstruation, stop of menstruation and/or ovulation stop.
PCL phase
Rebuilding cells in the ovary.
Pain, swelling of the ovary. From the holes, one or more cysts form, which fill with ovarian tissue: ovarian cancer.
With syndrome: risk of endometriosis (jumping of the cysts, each cell forms a separate cyst in the abdominal cavity)
Biological utility
Biological utility at the end of PCL-B: enlarged ovary, ovarian cyst.
Permanently increased production of eustrogen. This has a rejuvenating effect, delaying menopause and enhanced ovulation to replace what is lost as soon as possible. Increased estrogen production causes the woman to look years younger at the end of PCL-B in a short period of time.
So an ovarian cyst can occur in the PCL but it can also be the end stage.
Both ovaries (constellation): sexual megalomania, see also new mesoderm.
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