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Tooth enamel
See also deep oral mucosa, oral and pharyngeal mucosa and tooth body.
Sensitivity follows the oral mucosa diagram.
Whether it involves the left or right side of the teeth in the mouth depends on biological dexterity.
Not being allowed to bite off, not being allowed to bite back, it is not polite, not politically correct (Not being able or daring: see tooth body).
CA phase
Decrease in tooth enamel thickness.
Biological utility
The pain prevents the person from biting back.
Pain, caries, superficial cavities.
PCL phase
Rebuilding the tooth enamel, the person can bite off again.
No pain. Dark spot, like a scab lying over the wound. Healing takes place under it, just like a wound on the skin. Sometimes sensitive to hot/cold or sweet/sour.
Strong pain.
After complete healing, the spot may remain darker.
Hanging healing: scab remains, black teeth.