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How the Mind Controles the Body 

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Corium skin
Skin diseases often result from a combination of processes that are in different stages. This is also why there are so many diagnoses.
In addition to the corium skin, sebaceous and sweat glands may also be affected.
See also the epidermis, connective tissue, adipose tissue and the periosteum.
Whether it involves the left or right side of the body depends on biological dexterity.
1. Attack conflict. Being attacked, feeling attacked, having one's integrity compromised.
2. Defilement conflict. Feeling dirty, filthy, unattractive or deformed. Also, by being scolded: dirty bastard, dirty bitch. Also comment along the lines of: how dirty you look, what's wrong with your skin, it looks so ugly.
3. Too dry skin (sebaceous glands).
CA phase
Increase in cells in the corium skin, sebaceous or sweat glands.
Biological utility
1. Making thicker skin to better withstand the attack/dirt.
2. Larger sweat glands, excessive sweating to confirm own integrity, repel attacker/dirt.
3. Larger sebaceous glands to make the skin supple.
Melanoma, skin fistula, lump, pimple, etc. No pain.
With prolonged or intense CA phase: the thickening may take on large forms. Danger of hanging conflict.
PCL phase
Normalization of function. Degradation of cells by TB bacteria, if present.
Stinky skin inflammation, inflamed sebaceous or sweat gland (acne). Swelling, redness, possible fatigue and/or night sweats, fever, possibly some nagging pain. Also blisters. Exacerbation with syndrome.
Shingles (herpes zoster): combination of the corium skin + the epidermis. Very painful!
Bursting of inflammation, foul-smelling pus. With a melanoma, this is considered very dangerous and requiring immediate surgical intervention.
Surgical removal is recommended if the person feels disfigured or dirty because of the process.
The process itself is the trigger and it becomes a hanging healing that the person usually cannot get out of.
Hanging healing or many relapses
• Because more is broken down in the PCL than is built up in the Ca phase, the corium  skin slowly disappears (see also old mesederm): leprosy.
• The stench of the opened swellings, the disgust with oneself and the feeling of disfigurement causes much anxiety and panic, thus the syndrome. Example: bubonic plague.