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How the Mind Controles the Body 

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Smooth muscles of the intestines
Around the intestines are two layers of smooth muscle tissue: on the inside are the transverse muscles and on the outside are the longitudinal muscles.
See also esophagus, small intestine, colon and rectum.
Motor aspect of an indigestible annoyance,
CA phase
At the same time increase in function due to increase in muscle activity (peristalsis) and muscle tension in the part of the intestines where the lump sits and loss of function (stop of peristalsis) in the rest of the intestines.
• Muscles at the level of the chunk "knead" it to promote digestion.
• Muscles in the rest of the intestine lie still to hold the chunk in place.
Biological utility
Holding the chunk to digest it better.
The part of the bowel where the lump is located shows enhanced muscle contractions while there are (almost) no muscle movements in the other parts. This is often diagnosed as paralyzed bowel or intestinal obstruction (Ileus).
PCL phase / EC
Delay or cessation of muscle activity in the part where the lump was stuck and increased peristalsis in the rest of the intestines, intestinal colic. Subsequent normalization of muscle tension and peristalsis. If healing is hanging: irritable bowel syndrome.
The entire gut program is shown in the figure below.