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Fallopian tubes
See also endometrium, muscles of the uterus, ovaries, cervix.
1. Unable or unwilling to have children, miscarriage.
2. Mean, ugly conflict, usually with a male person. Assault on femininity, "Womanhood." Often has to do with the partner.
CA phase
Increase in function. Increase in cells in the lining of the fallopian tubes.
Biological utility
Smoother, thicker wall so sperm can reach egg easily: promotion of fertilization.
After fertilization, the egg can reach the uterus more easily: promoting transport.
PCL phase
Normalization of function. Degradation of cells by fungi or TB bacteria, if present.
Fallopian tube inflammation. Fatigue, night sweats, pain, fever. Ulcerous discharge from the vagina or into the abdominal cavity. Early in the recovery phase, the fallopian tube may become occluded due to the healing swelling, which can lead to infertility if healing is hanging. Exacerbation with syndrome.
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