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Coronary arteries
The coronary arteries belong to the territory area, see also ectoderm. The location of impact in this area of the brain depends on the person's gender, biological handedness and hormone status.
More explanation and information about this in the lecture The Biology of the Psyche and the four-day workshop "Bio-logic of Behavior and Character," see the agenda.
See also the processes of the arteries, veins and coronary veins.
Sensitivity follows the oral mucosa diagram.
Loss of territory or sexual conflict.
Loss of job, own business, car, passport or other items important to daily work. Sexual abuse, loss of partner, circumcision, rape, etc.
CA phase
Increase in function. Decrease in inner lining of coronary arteries.
Biological utility
Larger diameter of the coronary arteries so that more blood can flow to the heart to regain territory.
Chest pain, angina pectoris.
PCL phase
Normalization of function. Rebuilding of the lining of the coronary arteries using cholesterol, formation of a "scab".
Coronary heart attack. The "scab" comes off and the cramping transverse muscles of the coronary arteries send it into the large bloodstream.
• Fear and sense of destruction.
• Strong pains in the chest due to EC of the muscles in the coronary arteries (coronary epilepsy), possibly radiating to the back and left arm.
• Slow, irregular heartbeat.
• Nausea.
• Absence of (unconsciousness).
• Shivers and cold sweat.
This crisis can be fatal with longer duration of conflict:
0 - 3 months: cardiac arrhythmia
4 - 6 months: mild heart attack
6 - 9 months: major heart attack
> 9 months: fatal heart attack
It is a frightening event, often with many follow-up conflicts, such as
• "My heart is no good" (attack against the heart): pericardium.
• "This is getting too much for me, I'm not pulling this": myocardium.
But if you have survived, there is in fact not much more to it. The follow-up conflicts and the common interpretation of this event are the biggest problem.
Other forms of heart attacks: pulmonary embolism, myocardial attack.
Pendulous healing or many relapses: arteriosclerosis. Unused coronary arteries are present in the area. When clogged, these are put into use: natural by-pass.
Constellation with coronary veins (sexual conflict + loss of territory): postmortem constellation. No longer have territory, either as male or female. No longer able to reproduce. Biologically life has become meaningless and one is preoccupied with life after death, e.g. planning one's own funeral, fascination with cemeteries.
See also Bio-Logic of Behavior and Character.
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